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Getting new leads is LIKE
 Fishing & Hunting.

Hi! This is Albie. 

Let me share my quick advertising story with you.
I promise you it will open your eyes! 
This video's only 3 mins.

Getting new leads is LIKE
 Fishing & Hunting:

For example:
A. To catch the most fish:
Make a boat. Go out deep.

Advertising also takes the mindset of "going deep" to reach
the most prospects!

B. Get as many fishing poles out there as you can.
Make a dock of some sort to fish deeper
 and set lines.

The more advertising strategies that you have that 
are active, the more chances you have of 
getting subscribers and sales!

C. Set fish traps..... 
D. Set gilly net .......
E. Set bunny traps 
F. Go hunting.........
(illustration/example of using many different advertising methods). 
G. Make Deer forts in the trees and get up early every...........
morning and wait in them, ready to shoot. 
H. Make a Fishing empire (huge fishing poles that extend far
out into the water and floating fishing poles on rafts. 

Again, the more advertising strategies you have that are 
active, the better your chances!

Similarities between Advertising
and Fishing & Hunting:

 So first off, I just want to say I love animals! So this 
method is just an example of how similar fishing 
and hunting
is to advertising.

I do also understand the real value of
fishing and hunting for survival. 

A. Having a boat (or raft) allows you to "get out deep"
and fish where more fish are. Building an email list
is also like this as you can grow your list
into hundreds of thousands and even millions of subscribers.
So there are a lot of similarities. 

B. Using a dock is like: using Safelists correctly.
You can get out a little deeper than onshore and go after more fish.

C. Fish Traps are like the beginning of Facebook marketing.
Getting a fish in a "fish trap" is usually harder
than just fishing with a pole. It's easier to set the trap
but as far as results, this may prove harder.

D.  Net fishing is like Solo Advertising. This is because
you can 'catch a lot of prospects" and sales from solo ads
just as you can catch a lot of fish in a net.

E.  Bunny traps is like beginners doing
YouTube marketing. It's easy to set the trap
but as far as results, it may prove hard.

It's not hard to do a video but results may prove
to be harder to get. When you get good at it, 
things will change. 

F. Hunting is like SEO. This is because hunting opens
the doors for catching a very big animal such as a deer or bear.
SEO also opens the door for you to get a lot of hits
to your site once you get good at it. Just like huntiing
takes a lot of time and practice, so does SEO!

Want to start learning SEO for free and even
get a free website? Go here .

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serious about SEO, then upgrade and get 
all the amazing bonuses and advantages
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G. Deer Forts is like having a blog because just 
like it takes a while to make a good deer fort and get 
good at waiting for and hunting deer, so it takes time 
and patience to build a blog and learn how to get 

H. Perfecting your skills in Solo advertising, Email
, Safelist marketing, Social media marketing,
SEO, and calling leads (see further below) is
needed. We encourage you to learn one at a time
(as you will lose focus trying to learn them all at the same time).

Having a creative mind willing to try everything is important.


 I'm getting most of my PLS Gold sales
from 4 sources:

Safelists, from my emails campaigns, Udimi, 
calling leads and pass-ups.

This last week it looked like this: 

Udimi was 2, Safelists: 1,
Email marketing has been 3-4. Calling Leads: 1.
Pass-ups from members 
who didn't upgrade has been like 5.

I thought the numbers would be interesting for you!

Crash Course: 


Join Udimi here .

1) Find:
"Sellers information" tab.
 "Settings" for Finding Vendors: 

2) Set at 300+ Sales. 
3) Got Sales (set at 30%)

Now choose a vendor. 
Pick using these insights: 

4) Use only Five Stars vendors (or only
pick those with a high rating.  

5) Then when you go through each that 
qualifies on this list: 

Find at least 3-6 new recorded sales in last 3-6
months by testimonials.

6) Then send in a message 
to that vendor and show them your capture page
and ask them if they think it will work with your
page and what you're promoting.

7) ?Be consistent each week in placing a new Udimi ad. 

8) If you find a good vendor that gives you 1-2 sales per campaign,
then use this vendor again, and then double your money
invested in the vendor/campaign each week.
Each time you get more sales,
double your investment. (If you can). 

9) Realize that at first your not probably NOT going to make
back your money invested (higher chance but not impossible).
This is because it’s always harder to get the “rocket off the ground
then it is to keep it moving once it’s got momentum and "up in space".
If you give up after two or three times using Udimi,
then you will never see success with any advertising method. 

If you can’t afford to use Udimi, then my suggestion is to make extra money
with a part-time job or selling something you can sell on Craigslist
etc and save up for each campaign. 

See details on the
in the video 

More details Here

You can network almost anywhere.


1) Talk to whoever you want but make a list (our suggestion is 
to make a list of 30-50 people).
2) Just ask them a simple question:
Ask if they are interested in making additional money
in their spare time. 

If they say YES, then give them your affiliate link.
Don’t say all this stuff about the program. You’ll just kill it.
Just tell them it’s got a lot of info and it would take you an hour to explain it.
But listen to the video on the link and it will explain everything! 

If they say “no” then just move on.
Don’t try to convince them! 

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marketing you'll EVER hear?

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Email Marketing

1) Build a big list of real people who KNOW you or at least have seen your picture / logo
or read your name and joined your list from it. Don’t use “auto email list building programs! 

2) Make your emails say something about you.

3) Ad a picture and something new in each email about yourself,
before you just go Into the email.

4) Eventually they will get to know you and you
won’t have to do that anymore. 

5) Inside PLS, we have 22-61 pre-made messages that you
can use to start from. Go through “Take the Challenge”
training below in Step 4. You can take a test run of 
the Power Lead System for 7 days free here .


Want to meet up each week with the top income
earners in the industry 
and get trained on how they advertise
effectively online? There's a program inside the
Power Lead System that's called the
Lead Generation Academy (LGA).
Here are more details about it
here .

 Safelists that are all inside of Referral Frenzy

 See all our documented and tracked
safelists for the highest converting

here .


1) Don’t use premade affiliate links to promote on Safelists.
Either create your own capture pages or use
 the links we have made for you in any of our programs.

If you use a premade affiliate link by an affiliate business
then you are essentially building THEIR email list 
and NOT yours. Build your email list using 
one of these autoresponders here .

You also will probably only get a few weeks
of success getting many subscribers (as the 
the page will get "old' and too many people will 
have seen it and did not show much interest after that). 

That's why learning how to create new 
'fresh' capture pages is so important 
to keep a steady flow of subscribers 
coming to your site each week!

You can see all our programs here .
Want to learn how to make your own
capture pages and get good at getting 
subscribers to your list every day?

Go through “Take the Challenge”
in Step 4 below to understand how to create your
own capture pages, set up your links
and use them correctly. 

2) Go after getting subscribers (not sales).
3) Get people on your list by promoting what everyone
on Safelists wants (traffic & advertising).

4) Do not promote a business or "making money" as most
people on Safelists already have a business.
5) Once your subscriber is on your list, make sure that your capture page
takes them to a sales page so they can at least see what
they put their name and email address in the box and joined your list for. 
This will also give them the option to join and pay. 
However, if they don't, it's probably because they
aren't sure and need to get to know you 
better through your email campaign!

6) Communicate with your list through an autoresponder 
Use the tips I gave you in “Email Marketing” above. 


Want to meet up each week with the top income
earners in the industry
and get trained on how they advertise
effectively online? There's a program inside the
Power Lead System that's called the
Lead Generation Academy (LGA).
Here's more details about it
here .

 Call 3 leads a day FREE here .

Calling Leads

1) Call your 3 leads every day (except on your days off).
2) Be consistent! It’s vital. 

4) Understand that leads are “cold” and don’t know you.

It takes time and consistently contacting your prospects
many times in different ways to “warm” them up!

5) “Fortune is in the follow-up”.
Your leads are looking to join something that they’re sure about
and if you aren’t consistent, then you fall off their list
because the only thing they know about you is that you don’t
represent somebody who will be there for the long haul and for the long term.

How else will they know if this is a sure thing if they don’t even see you doing
it consistently? As far as success, you might need to be in it long enough
to prove that it is a sure thing. Not everyone will need this level of success however,
as you can share the number, email (or Facebook Messenger/Skype)
Address of your upline, so they can ask any harder questions to them.

Nevertheless, for some people, you will need to see a certain level of success
(depending on the prospect) and confidence to win them over. 

6) Call at least your 3 leads a day but If you get a chance, go
through as many leads from yesterday and the days past as you can.
7) The object of calling your leads is to find people you LIKE
and who want to work with you! You are not looking to convince
people or to get people on your team who you don’t like. 

You're ultimately looking for “Aces”, not “8”s.
You're looking for those who are willing to work hard for their dreams. 
Once a week, make sure to call the “good leads” you
connected with and have built some rapport with.
Be careful of overdoing it". Be very patient with
your leads you connect with. 

Possible Phone Script to use: Go HERE

Want to meet up each week with the top income
earners in the industry 
and get trained on how they advertise
effectively online? There's a program inside the
Power Lead System that's called the
Lead Generation Academy (LGA).
Here are more details about it
here .

Social Media Marketing

This is such a vast topic & training that you will do 
best by joining PLS for 7 days for free
and taking their AWESOME training on it.

here .

After joining go to the "Training" tab inside and then 
looking for Max Steingart's
get this $300 course completely free!

This is the BEST social media guide
you will ever find!

Here are some 
additional notes to help you:


Social Marketing is all about "being the life of the party"
so to speak. Don't come off sharing your business first.
Get to know people and find out what they're 
wanting to achieve. Be fun! Be creative!

They will go back to your home page if 
they're interested to know more about you. 
Make sure you cover who you are, what 
you like, and what makes you "tick" in there.
Also, make sure your business opportunity 
affiliate link is available and easy to find 
for anyone looking!


1) Make real friends by joining groups you are interested in.

2) Message people about things they post about that get you curious.

3) Offer to give your new acquaintance something that will help or inspire them.

4) Invite your new acquaintances to your own group.

5) Welcome them in your group.

6) You can make business posts in your own group without
bothering your friends and family.

7) If they like your business post, simply ask them if they are
interested in making extra income.
Go from there.

8) Post offers in local Facebook groups and on FB in your local city.
Connect with people on there!

9) Offer to help people reach their goals.
Really help them without it being about you.

10) Create and boost posts that ask and offer to answer questions
that your market is asking. You can get leads from this.

YouTube Marketing

Want to meet up each week with the top income
earners in the industry 
and get trained on how they advertise
effectively online including YouTube marketing?
There's a program 
inside the
Power Lead System that's called the
Lead Generation Academy (LGA) where they do this!
Here are more details about it
here .

Additional Tips from Albie: 

1) Get a YouTube channel (it's free)
2) You can upload videos from your iPhone / smartphone
to YouTube. 

I prefer to use a system called 

3) I typically make 3 or 4 short introduction videos showing my 
face where I do a generic introduction (could be used for 
any video). Then I copy/paste this video into 
my videos at the very beginning so I don't have 
to do a new introduction each time. 

I also don't like to show my face throughout the whole video
and this allows people to see me a little bit and see who 
I am. For the rest of the video, I don't show my face. 

4) Start your video with something exciting. Either a pre-recorded
"introduction" you use for every video or something interesting
to catch your audience's attention. 

5) I do three or four drafts of a video: 

1st Draft: Basic me sharing what I really 
want to share. 

2nd Draft:
 I edit the video and add in any
parts I forgot or want to add. 

3rd Draft: Add pictures and video clips 
over the blank screen (the white screen they see with
me just talking in the background) so that it livens up
the video! 

4th Draft: I then edit the video and add music
or sounds to different parts of the video.

6) I then save this video to my home computer 
plus upload a backup copy to Screencast-o-matic.

7) Then I upload this video to YouTube. I then 
listen to the video myself and like it. 

8) Then I advertise my video on 
under the "Offers" tab / "My offers" sub-tab. 
I earn about 120 credits for beginning my 

YouTube video promotion and allocating about 
3 credits per view of those watching it. 
This won't give you quality views, but it will 
get the "ball rolling" so to speak. 

9) Advertise your video inside your email campaign,
email broadcasts, blog posts, and social media posts. 

10) YouTube advertises your video too based 
on the keywords in your description and other 
factors. The more videos you do, the better.

(Search Engine Optimization)

This training is completely out of range for this 
report. However, you can get started learning SEO for free and even

get a free website. Go here .

If you're really serious about SEO, then upgrade and get 
all the amazing bonuses and advantages
you will never get anywhere else! Find out 
about WA and the full program here .


I hope these advertising tips help! 


PS: Let me know if you have comments or questions!
Click for Email Address

Step 4:


Successfully bringing new people into your program is all
about using the right tools or “weapons” and bringing people into 
the business who you LIKE to work with and who are “Aces”. 

The Right tools or “Weapons”: 

Tool or "weapon" 1)
Your affiliate link (Like a revolver)
Your affiliate link may be a sales page.
If it is consider this as #2 below.

You will need to find or create a capture page if your
affiliate program doesn’t have one. This will be like your pistol or revolver. 

Tool or "w
eapon" 2)
The sales page link (like a rifle).

More Advanced tools or “Weapons”:
(have your upline help you with these: 

Tool or "weapon" 3)
 High-converting capture page (like a machine gun).

Tool or "weapon" 4)
Doing a YouTube video and then creating a Video page
with an opt-in form. (Like a grenade) 

Tool or "weapon" 5)
Use your sponsor or upline in the business as a backup
and potentially as someone, your potential member can speak with personally
(email, phone, Facebook Messager, Skype, etc…(this is like a sniper).

Tool or "weapon" 6)
Getting to know your six or seven-figure “hero” upline and using
them in reference to what you’re doing and promoting.
The key to this is that you really know them and can share your personal story
meeting them and then use their testimonial video to help
promote your link and join your team. (This is like a jet fighter plane). 


The key to using these tools or “weapons” is knowing the
right time and place to use them.
I mean theirs no need to call for a "fighter plane"
when a pistol will do the trick (see what I mean) 

Here are some examples of how I use these tools or “weapons": 

When I have a friend or somebody who is interested to know
about what I’m doing, I just send them my capture page or affiliate link.

I preferably like them to put their name and email in a capture page box
so that they will get my emails afterward
(just in case they don’t join and pay at the moment). 

I often like to use a sales page inside of an email as the main link
that someone will click if they want to find out more about my business.
The idea behind why I use the sales page is because typically if they’re getting
an email from me it’s usually an automatic email from my autoresponder
and I don’t need them to put their name and email to join my list again.
I typically use a high-converting capture page that captures someone’s email
and name when I’m advertising on Safelist or in solo ads such as Udimi.

I typically will use a video or video capture page inside of an email
when I want to give somebody a second chance to really see what the whole business
opportunity is like. I typically will use my sponsor or my upline if I am not very confident
about how much I’ve earned working online or with that particular business
I’m promoting and want my prospect to hear firsthand from someone who is having success.

I typically use my six or seven-figure income earner or cold“ hero as in an email or in social media
I typically do a YouTube video testimonial and use it inside of an email or send
it to someone to have already said something about the business
before and just need some more encouragement

Critical Skill #5 is learning how to make effective funnels
which is basically how to create “effective traps for your fish”
or to bring it back home to the topic of how to “catch more prospects”.

I hope this crash course,
 ideas and strategies have really helped you!

For any help or questions, 
feel free to email, or call us:

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Step 5:
Additional Training

 The Full PLS Training:
"Take the Challenge".

Success is all based on learning

If you're NOT SUCCEEDING, it's because ultimately
you're not understanding the fundamentals (the 5 Critical Skills).
Frank (inside the Cash Now Funnel) teaches you important
parts of these skills but only the basics.

It will change everything for you!
It took us five years just to discover what these skills were
from a seven-figure mentor. You will not be disappointed if you 
focus on learning them and begin to master each of them.

It will only take you a fraction of the time it took us to learn these as
you have us here to help you! And you don't need to run around in the 
dark for years just trying to figure out what they are!

After you get the Cash Now Funnel down and understand it 
 and have followed EVERYTHING 
you can from Franks's training, then continue here in Step 2
and begin to learn the 5 Critical Skills.

PS: Please email me if you need help! :)
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